Ms. Connie Chiu

Ms. Connie Chiu’s life began in a quiet community in Hong Kong. She quickly discovered that a career in education was a way to fling the doors open and explore the beautiful vastness of the world. Over the course of 40 years, Ms. Chiu has held leadership positions at various schools in Hong Kong and mainland China. In July of 2011, she became Vice Principal of Operations at St. Nicholas’. Her unique background gives her a keen commitment to perfection and excellence.

In her role at St. Nicholas’, Ms. Chiu strives to ensure smooth operations and address particular challenges that occur day-to-day. Her goal is for every child at St. Nicholas’ to feel “included, challenged, and successful.” She sees the environment as the nucleus of social and emotional development of her students – a place where each child is nurtured and encouraged to be the person he or she is slowly becoming, or wants to become. By prioritizing and revitalizing this space, she feels the campus environment will instill in the children the kind of confidence that spills out into the other realms of life at St. Nicholas’, such as academics, co-curricular activities, and relationships with fellow students and teachers.

Decades after leadership positions at several schools, Ms. Chiu finds herself just as delighted by the boisterous energy of her students at St. Nicholas’. She enjoys spending time in their classes and observing their enthusiasm for learning, their quirky senses of humour, and the bonds they create with each other.

Ms. Chiu still finds time to keep travelling, and she spends much of her summers reconnecting with friends around Asia. She’s an avid reader, loves film and theatre, and admits that one of the perks of returning to life in Hong Kong is finally being able to fully understand the dialogue in plays and movies again.