Ms. Joyce Fung

With a Diploma in Education, Ms. Joyce Fung entered the teaching profession in 1983. Ms. Fung always aspired to be a teacher and is especially passionate about early childhood education. She started out as a kindergarten teacher at a private kindergarten in Hong Kong. In 1989, Ms. Fung was hired by St. Nicholas’ as Vice Principal, Student Affairs.

Ms. Fung brings a wealth of parent relationship building experience, as well as knowledge about home-school collaboration and communication. She believes parent communication is at the heart of good pedagogy, that high-quality cooperation between parents and the school is key for children’s growth, and that continual relationship development with parents ensures a scholarly excellence for all. In addition, she brings a deep commitment to the student experience and to early childhood education, and a warm sense of humour.

Speaking with Ms. Fung for even a few moments, you will capture her immense pride and commitment to the school and the curriculum that is offered here. Constantly inspired by the children’s curiosity and their genuine interest in learning, as well as the amazing faculty and their drive and dedication, working at St. Nicholas’ is a dream comes true for her.

Her advice for her students: Be comfortable that your journey moving forward is going to look different from your peers. Look at your own journey and less at your peers, you are unique!