Ms. Charlene Choi

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree at University of California, Berkeley, Ms. Charlene Choi started her career in the technology sector in Silicon Valley. She moved back to her hometown in Hong Kong following a steep three-year learning curve. With strong influence from her parents who are long-time educators, it has always been at the back of her mind to enter the education field.

Ms. Choi then pursued further studies in early childhood education, particularly focusing on the Montessori pedagogy. Upon returning to Hong Kong, she acquired credentials from the American Montessori Society as a Montessori Early Childhood Teacher. With a rare background combining sciences and education, Ms. Choi brings a unique perspective to St. Nicholas’. She was hired as the Director of Curriculum in 2011 to help revamp the school’s program of study. Given her training in Montessori, she incorporated many elements of the Montessori program into St. Nicholas’ curriculum, including introducing the whole range of standard Montessori teaching aids into every classroom. Aside from training the faculty at St. Nicholas’, she also held a number of parent workshops to bring them on board with the Montessori teaching philosophy.

Following years of reflection and fine tuning, the Montessori-inspired curriculum has proven to nurture independent, confident and compassionate children at St. Nicholas’. As such implementation was one of the first among kindergartens in Hong Kong, parents had their doubts initially, but now witnessing the fruitful results in their children has erased all their previous concerns. Ms. Choi is very proud of all the achievements her team has made throughout these years.

Her goal for St. Nicholas’ is to develop the curriculum into a model for other preschools around the world, thereby contributing to the field of early childhood education. Marching towards the 50th anniversary, she believes it will definitely be a milestone in the school’s history.