Art Basel – UBS Junior Art Studio

To celebrate Art March 2024 in Hong Kong this month, UBS hosted an exclusive art workshop for our students at Art Basel Hong Kong!Inspired by the hand-bent neon artwork at the UBS Art Studio, this Wild Tangrams workshop saw our young artists use materials that by themselves are colourless, yet when combined, harnesses the science of optics to createkaleidoscopic effects. Through the power of creativity, children learned the transformative results of combining art, craft and science, honoring Hong Kong’s iconic craft of neon signage where masters oftenexperiment with glass and gas to craft different lighting effects. STEAM EDUCATION Workshop activities used elements of [Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts] for students to complete the art task.CONTINUED SUSTAINABILITY & ECO-FRIENDLY MESSAGE Expanding on previous messaging towards sustainability and environmental awareness, this workshop reinforced the importance of up-cycling and re-using of materials.SIGNFICANCE OF LOCAL CULTURE & ART By including elements of local culture into the workshop activities, children gained a better understanding of the uniqueness and heritage of Hong Kong. From local animals to the significance of neon lights in Hong Kong, these elements were explained during the activity and allowed children to be inspired by these learning.