Our History

St Nicholas’ English Kindergarten was founded in 1971. With a history of almost fifty years, it has become one of the leading and most respected kindergartens in Hong Kong. St. Nicholas’ prides itself on being among the first to model itself on the principles of the work of Maria Montessori, and makes it its top priority to apply her model’s teaching methods and strategies throughout the school. In 1987, our school further enhanced our Montessori-inspired curriculum to incorporate extracurricular activities, such as educational and cultural field trips, inter-school competitions and public performances.

In 1996, before the handover of Hong Kong to Mainland China, Putonghua was added to our core curriculum, due to our society’s increasing need for leaders with mastery of two of the world’s most influential languages.

At present, trilingual teaching, sensorial and mathematics, cultural subjects, physical education and practical life are all part of our diversified curriculum. Our goal is to help better prepare our students for the future as well-rounded individuals. The majority of our students possess a high level of proficiency in English, Putonghua and Cantonese.

Despite the many innovations we have implemented over the years, one aspect has never changed. This is our passion for early-childhood education. We have always insisted on a small teacher to student ratio to ensure the best quality educational possible for our children. Moving forward, it is our hope that all teachers, students and parents at St. Nicholas’ continue to work collaboratively toward a brighter future.

St. Nicholas’ English Kindergarten: Celebrating 50 Years

We don’t look our age, it’s true. But here we are, celebrating 50 years of excellence in education. As we mark our 50th, we honour every student who has passed through our doors – from the first day of school in 1971 to this year. It’s been quite a ride – and we want you on it as we celebrate all that has come before, and all that is yet to be.