Parents of Ryan Chan

Parents of Ryan Chan, Class of 2010

In this caring place, teachers guide our ways. With their love and care embraced.” The school song, “Happy at St. Nicholas’,” truly reflects the spirit of St. Nicholas’ English Kindergarten.

St. Nicholas’ has been a wonderful experience for my son in every way. The variety of learning experiences available is amazing. The class sizes are small, teachers understand each individual’s needs, and the comprehensive curriculum is well suited for every child. Moreover, the best thing about St. Nicholas’ is the care and kindness exhibited by the staff towards every child and parent. Their loving, gentle way of communicating really make us feel comfortable and engaged.

St. Nicholas’ would not be so great without the strong leadership exercised by our Principal, Mrs. Choi, and Vice-Principals Ms. Fung and Ms. Chiu. Not only do they try to keep up-to-date with the educational needs of children, they also put their heart into all the school activities and events. Every week, our children different activities, and all courses are well designed to suit the needs of each individual. I remember that they were very busy last year, visiting a number of primary schools to acquire a better understanding of their teaching philosophies. As a result, our parents have received a lot of useful information. They also imparted some important advice on our children’s further education.

We wish to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to Ryan’s Chinese class teacher Ms. Yip, English class teacher Ms. Jennifer, Putonghua teacher Ms. Wong, teaching assistant Ms. Li, together with all the support staff, for a job well done with the highest professionalism. Through positive reinforcement and a good teacher-parent-administration relationship, we were able to cultivate my son’s well-rounded learning abilities. He is now better behaved in class and has shown great improvement in his handwriting, thanks to Ms. Fung reinforcing his pencil grip since he was in K1. His academic performance has also improved steadily, culminating in the Rising Star Recognition in 2013, which is the best way to express his gratitude for the teacher’s relentless support and nurturing over the years.

St. Nicholas’ is one of the greatest gifts that I have been received as a parent, in seeing my child growing day by day. He is now heading into his final year of kindergarten. St. Nicholas’ has made all their students’ dreams come true. May all graduates of St. Nicholas’ carry the school’s spirit into their future education and shine their fame and glory in society. I am sure that they will be proud of the St. Nicholas’ heritage for years to come.